How long do I have to withdraw my funds?

The Monkey Knife Fight Withdraw Funds page page will be available until March 27, 2023.

How do I find out if I have a cash balance?

After logging into your Monkey Knife Fight account, your total USD + MKF Dollars balance will appear on the top-right corner of every web page and within the app. Click/tap your balance, and your cash balance will be displayed as "Available For Withdraw"

Are Monkey Knife Fight (MKF) Dollars eligible for withdrawal?

MKF Dollars have no monetary value thus are ineligible for withdrawal.

I’ve requested my funds – how will the request be processed?

Per standard MKF policies, all requests will be processed as detailed below:
-When possible, we will first refund all deposits made in the last 90 days.
-Any excess funds after refundable deposits have been fulfilled are delivered via your selected withdrawal method.
-If a card used to deposit is expired, refundable deposits will be returned to your new card as long as the account numbers are the same.
-If you deposited with a gift card, refundable deposits will be returned up to the original value to that card.
-If you no longer have access to a card used to make a prior deposit, please contact before proceeding.
-For confirmation of the fine details of your withdrawal, you’ll receive an email from MKF with the subject line “Withdrawal Request Completed”.

My account balance is above the $1,000 (ACH)/$5,000 (e-check) limit per request.
What should I do to receive my entire balance?

The MKF team will process withdrawal requests multiple times a day. Once your initial request has been fulfilled, please submit another until your full balance has been withdrawn.

I’m a Canadian-based user – how will I receive my funds?

Per MKF standard policy, all Canada users will be paid out via paper check to the mailing address as provided within your request.

Why is Monkey Knife Fight requiring my tax information before I can withdraw my funds?

Users with $600 or more in net winnings during the calendar year are required to pay taxes on those winnings.
If you earned $600 or more in net winnings within the last calendar year you participated in MKF contests, you are required to provide your W9 tax information prior to requesting funds.

I never received a 1099 form for 2022. How can I obtain this?

Contact to request your 2022 1099 tax form if you earned $600 or more in net winnings during the 2022 calendar year.

Will I receive a 1099 form for 2023?

Users with $600 or more in net winnings during the 2023 calendar year are required to pay taxes on those winnings. 1099 forms for 2023 will be provided in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Where can I obtain a transaction history of my account?

Contact to request a lifetime transaction history for your MKF account.